The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI),, is a nationally represented horizontal non-profit private NGO with about 53 000 associated members and trade representations, registered in its Trade Register. The member companies of BCCI employ more than 800 000 people. BCCI has a staff of around 80 persons. BCCI implements ISO 9001:2015.

The main role of BCCI is to assist, promote, represent and protect the business interests of its members. The activities and services of BCCI cover the whole territory of Bulgaria through its nationally represented membership and its network of 28 regional chambers of commerce and industry. As one of the officially recognized organizations of employers in Bulgaria, BCCI participates in the National Council of Tripartite Cooperation. In this capacity the Chamber is part of the different working groups and committees, bringing together representatives of the government, employers’ organizations and trade unions for discussion of the most important issues, related to economic, social, education & training policy.

So, BCCI can influence the adoption of different policies and has the right to initiate legislative changes. Among the main activities and services of BCCI are: maintaining a voluntary unified Trade Register; organizing business forums for SMEs – business meetings, business missions abroad, business cooperation and match-making events, etc.; publication of information bulletins and brochures; development and management of projects under EU programmes and organization of seminars and trainings for SMEs; performing analyses of the financial-and-economic status of companies, branches and markets; organizing specialized international and national exhibitions.