SCOPE Newsletter #4

By July 12, 2022NEWSLETTER

Dear reader,

The SCOPE project provides a transnational, innovative and market-driven platform to minimise the “less-than-full” or “empty” cargo shipments of the road freight transport system in the Balkan area and connects SMEs in a user-friendly, collaborative environment. The digitalization of freight transport operational tasks would save time for both shippers, carriers and transport service providers along the South-eastern TEN-Tcorridor and bring significant GHG emission reductions through eco-driving added-value services.

Attila Akac
Hellenic Institute of Transport / Centre for Research and Technology Hellas Senior Researcher, SCOPE project technical implementation associate

Greek communication event

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Department of Civil Engineering (AUTH – PP2) in close cooperation with the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH –PP1) and the Professionals’ Chamber of Thessaloniki (PCTH – PP3) have successfully organized between September 16-18th, 2021
the 1st SCOPE Communication Event about the project. The event was held during the International Thessaloniki Fair (85 th ITF 2021) in a specific exhibition corner dedicated to SCOPE project
for a 3-day period(16-18th September 2021) in the CERTH’s exhibition kiosk. Around one-hundred fifty (150) stakeholders visited the SCOPE exhibition corner and were interested in the SCOPE platform features and future exploitation methods. Invited stakeholders had the opportunity to learn about the SCOPE project’s impacts, completed outputs and expected results with a special focus on the video presentation of the SCOPE FEP’s revised alpha version before proceeding to a fruitful discussion and evaluation of the platform’s offered services.

Albanian communication event

Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIT – PP7) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy (MIE – PP8) organized on September 27, 2021 the 2nd SCOPE Communication Event about the SCOPE project in Tirana. The event was successfully organized in hybrid version (both physical and online). Invited stakeholders discussed about the SCOPE project’s results and current implementation actions evaluating the SCOPE FEP’s revised alpha version. They also commented and provided their feedback about the platform’s offered services and usability features. Twenty (20) stakeholders joined the event and were willing to use the platform immediately and promote it to their colleagues as well. The platform was ranked by all attendees with a rate 4 out of 5 (calculated the average of all rates by stakeholders). The rating scale was: 1-Not useful; 2-Kind of useful; 3-Useful; 4-Very useful; and 5-Excellent.

Bulgarian communication event

The Bulgarian Communication Event organized by the Regional Industrial Association -Smolyan and took place on the 3rd of June 2022 at the Regional Governor’s office in Smolyan.

The Regional Governor of Smolyan Mr. Emil Humchev opened the event with a detailed overview of the transport links between Bulgaria and Greece and he also referred to the new checkpoint Rudozem-Xanthi. Mr. Georgi Tonkov, expert at the Bulgarian Parliament(Parliamentarian Committee of Transport and Communication) described the problems and challenges of the cross-border transport on the Balkans.

The project representative Ivo Tsarev presented the activities and the progress of SCOPE (Platform development and expected outcomes) and answered several questions, asked by the participating journalists, shippers and carriers

SCOPE WP5 Workshop – Sofia, Bulgaria

The hybrid workshop was organized on the 26th of May 2022 by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI – PP4) . The event aimed to introduce the SCOPE platform functionalities, features and services.

The agenda of the event included important presentations related to the features andthe functionalities of the SCOPE platform, the Green Deal and its impact on the transport sector, the global supply chains in the current market and their digitalization. Next, аcomprehensive introduction to the Green Deal, in the context of the transport sector,announced by
prof. dr. Simeon Ananiev together with the vast possibilities that the Balkan-Med region could provide for Albania, Bulgaria and Greece thus transforming to important logistic hubs.

The target audience mainly consisted of transport service providers, transport associations and other representatives of the logistics sector. There were representatives from the Association Green Cluster Transport, The Transport University“Todor Kableshkov”, Global Car Ltd., Bulgarian Association of the Freight Forwarders,Transenergy Ltd., Regional Northeastern Cluster, Act Ltd., Bg-Trans Ltd. And other interested parties. The overall number of participants was
about 50 (both physical and online).

SCOPE Final & Simulator Event – Thessaloniki, Greece

The SCOPE Interreg Balkan-Med project’s final event & simulator event were organized by the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH –PP1) in close cooperation with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Department of Civil Engineering (AUTH – PP2) on 20th June 2022. The event took place in hybrid format (live & virtual) and was held in the Aristotle University Research Dissemination Center (KEDEA).

The event focused on presenting the key outcomes & results of the SCOPE project and the developed SCOPE platform was thoroughly presented and the SCOPE video gave out. In addition, a live demonstration of the Eco-Driver simulator took place and a relevant video presented by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) – Transport Engineering Laboratory.

More information about the registration and event details can be found here!